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Sebastian | Black Bamboo Wayfarer Polarized Wood Sunglasses

A cool classic, Wayfarer-style frames have been worn by trendsetters and mould-breakers for decades. Ziba Wood eyewear continues a tradition of innovation with all-bamboo Wayfarers that put a brand new spin on a time-proven style. Light, strong and comfortable bamboo construction means these frames won’t bend, break or [...]

Claudia | Brown Bamboo Vintage Round Polarized Woodne Sunglasses

These women’s all-wood sunglasses look like they’ve already lived a long life and have many stories to tell. A vintage patina gives these frames the look of experience and wisdom that comes with age. Classically styled large, round frames evoke starlets of bygone eras who set trends that stay [...]

Coolest Sunglasses Trend of Summer 2016

Ever since wooden sunglasses were showcased on Shark Tank in 2013, these unique fashion accessories have been gaining great momentum in sales and popularity. Over the past three years, many different brands and manufacturers have gotten on board with this stylish trend; however, most of the current options out [...]

Scarlet | Zebra Wood Round Polarized Sunglasses

Reminiscent of the beast the roams the African savanna, these round zebra wood frames have a unique striped pattern. The classically styled large, round frames evoke starlets of bygone eras who set trends that stay strong today. Feminine, round lenses complement many face shapes. Durable, all-wood construction means these [...]

Why Choose Sunglasses from Ziba Wood?

1. Participate in the latest trend. Wooden sunnies are one of the most popular accessories in the fashion industry today. Wooden frames are not a new concept; they have merely just begun to increase in popularity over the past year. If you are a fan of accessorizing and finding [...]

How to Choose the Right Glasses for your Face Shape

With so many choices of sunglasses, how do you pick just one pair? Well, you can always buy more than one – but if money’s tight, you’d better choose wisely. To figure out which pair of wood sunglasses will best suit you, start by taking a long, hard look [...]

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