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Customer Support

Ziba Wood customer service representatives are eager to help. If you have a question about our products, the online eyewear ordering process or anything else, send an email to support@zibawood.comfor prompt help.

Real Wood Sunglasses

Ziba Wood sunglasses are hewn from solid pieces of timber felled by loggers. With a sturdiness reminiscent of a solid oak desk, Ziba Wood eyewear relies on the strength, durability and flexibility of wood that plastic frames only attempt to replicate.

Great Experience

We care about the product we sell — that’s why we want everybody to have as much fun shopping with us as they’ll have wearing our product. With a team that stands behind its product, you can be sure that Ziba Wood will treat you like royalty.

Ziba Collection

Eko Collection

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Classic Collection

Who We Are

We are a company committed to style and substance. We know our glasses look great and will turn heads, but we also provide customer service excellence that lets our customers know we value their business. Every pair of premium wood glasses ships with our promise that we’ll take care of you.

Mission Statement

Ziba Wood provides affordable, stylish, all-wood sunglasses that serve as a smart and eco-friendly alternative to plastic frames. Not only do our customers look good in our glasses, they feel good knowing they are contributing to the global need to use less plastic. Our wooden sunglasses do a small part to reduce the toxic byproducts associated with plastic, making the world a better place for you and yours.

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