Coolest Sunglasses Trend of Summer 2016

Coolest Sunglasses Trend of Summer 2016

Ever since wooden sunglasses were showcased on Shark Tank in 2013, these unique fashion accessories have been gaining great momentum in sales and popularity. Over the past three years, many different brands and manufacturers have gotten on board with this stylish trend; however, most of the current options out there come at a high price. Not so with Ziba Wood. Our debut Summer 2016 Collection is priced affordably and is doable for every budget.

Think back on the sunglasses trends of decades past. Wayfarers and aviators have continued to dominate popular sunglasses trends for years. Freshen up these timeless looks and buy wooden sunglasses from Ziba Wood’s Summer 2016 collection. From classic and vintage to more modern styles, we truly have something for everyone. One of the biggest reasons wooden sunglasses are so popular is that each pair is uniquely different thanks to the various cuts of wood that they are made from.

One of the benefits of purchasing premium wooden sunglasses from Ziba Wood is that each pair of frames is hypoallergenic. Many individuals have allergies to various types of plastic, and by ordering real wood sunglasses, allergies are never something that has to be taken into consideration. In addition to this benefit, wooden sunglasses are eco-friendly for two reasons. They do not put off toxic emissions during their creation the way plastic sunglasses do, and they are easily recyclable when they come to the end of their lifespan. Ziba Wood is proud to offer du, bamboo, zebra, and several other types of wood.

In the past, real wood sunglasses cost buyers a pretty penny. Now thanks to Ziba Wood, there are many stylish options that won’t break the bank. Sure the Prada wooden sunglasses are cool, but the price point just isn’t doable for most people. Ziba Wood is committed to making current fashion affordable for all. From fully wooden bamboo Wayfarers to wooden armed Aviators, the Summer 2016 Collection offers many choices to consumers.

There are endless reasons to try out wood sunglasses this summer. From music festivals to camping trips and beach days with the family, Ziba Wood’s premium wooden sunglasses are perfect for every occasion. They really make the perfect companion on boating trips, lake activities, and poolside hangouts. Gone is the pain of losing your favorite pair of sunglasses while jet-skiing or tubing. If they end up accidentally going overboard, the beautiful frames are lightweight enough that they float and can easily be scooped up again.

Check out our men’s and women’s lines from the Summer 2016 Collection, and join in on this hot new trend.

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