Ziba Wood Announces Free Sunglasses Contest Winners

Ziba Wood Announces Free Sunglasses Contest Winners

A stand-up comedian and an aspiring entrepreneur, both from Hollywood, California, have been chosen as the winners of Ziba Wood’s first wooden sunglass giveaway for #GiveSomethingAway Day. Tamika Kelly, 29, and AJ Stacy, 33, were randomly chosen from entrants in a global contest to celebrate Give Something Away Day, a holiday that encourages altruism and doing good things for others.


About the Winners

Tamika Kelly of North Hollywood is an aspiring fashion entrepreneur. Kelly was chosen from one of many who entered the content through Ziba Wood’s Instagram. Kelly is in the process of building her style-conscious apparel brand Year of the Queen that will also provide motivational inspiration including betterment workshops and brunches. She has a keen sense of fashion and style, but says she leaves the real design work to the professionals.

The strength and durability of Ziba Wood sunglasses instantly piqued her interest in last week’s giveaway, she said. “I enjoy the fact that these glasses are going to be so durable that I won’t break them,” she said. “That’s the problem with plastic glasses, I always break mine.”

She’s eager to incorporate Ziba Wood’s wooden aviator and wooden wayfarer styles into the outfits she’ll be putting together for her growing apparel brand. Kelly said she is intrigued by accessories and other flair that goes against the trends that everybody else is wearing.  

“I feel like sunglasses are just that nice little touch of an accessory, and the fact that these sunglasses are made from wood – they’re already going to stand out,” she said. “These glasses are going to be the showstopper and my outfit is going to take second! I really cannot wait to put some pieces together with these glasses.”

Kelly plans to wear her Ziba Wood sunglasses as she vacations in Miami, a city she recently visited for the first time. She’s looking forward to returning. “If there’s any place to rock some sunglasses, it’s Miami,” she said.  

AJ Stacy, a West Hollywood stand-up who entered the contest through Twitter, loves wearing loud, colorful sunglasses when she is on stage performing at Pride celebrations around the country. She has also appeared on television productions including the Emmy Award-nominated Amazon series “Transparent” and LOGO tv’s “RuPaul’s Drag U.”

The eco-friendly construction of Ziba Wood sunglasses is what drew Stacy to try her luck at winning her first pair. She recycles, drinks tap water and does her part whenever possible to reduce her carbon footprint.

“It’s all eco-friendly and I really like that versus a pair of plastic sunglasses that I feel were made in a factory with chemicals – I’m just not into that. I need to be more aware of what I’m buying these days,” Stacy said.  

Colorful sunglasses are her signature look when she’s on stage and screen and she’s itching to add a pair of Ziba Wood sunglasses to her collection of sunglasses. She likes to have a variety of eye-catching sunglasses at her disposal that she can use to help set herself apart from other entertainers.

“People are already looking at me to figure out if I’m a hot guy or a lesbian, so let’s give them something else to look at,” she said. “It’s important for me to be fashion-forward as much as I can be – in my own way.”   

She likes to spend time in her hometown of San Diego soaking up the coastal air and sunshine and adores buying accessories from street vendors in New York City.   

About Ziba Wood

Ziba Wood crafts every pair of wood sunglasses with a seaside spirit that stays true to our Newport Beach, California, location. Encapsulating the rugged individualism and Wild West attitude that California was founded upon, each pair of handmade sunglasses sets its wearer apart from the crowd. The natural swirls and rings of the timber used in Ziba Wood eyewear frames mean each pair of glasses is as unique as its wearer’s fingerprint.

Whether you’re protecting your eyes so you can better steer your beach cruiser or to get a better view of the stage, Ziba Wood eyeglasses have your back.

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